Hello ! My name is Hugo Chapelain, I'm a 24yo Product Designer living in Paris.

I also enjoy
⛰ climbing
🤘🏻 music
and playing the
🥁 drums

I enjoy working on technical and creative challenges. My goal is to create elegant solutions that balance business requirements and user needs.

Looking for opportunities in a Product & Design oriented environement.

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I have worked with

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june 2021 - now
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2021 - now
may 2020 - october 202
july 2019 - september 2019
Cheerz banner showing UIs
Case study
My internship at Cheerz
Case study (french)
Modernize your website as part of your digital transition?
Banner showing UIs
Cute illustration of a beer with a mobile app
Case study
Create a mobile app for a school project in 4 days !

latest news

Made this website in 24 hours
My previous portfolio was already 4 years old, I gave myself the challenge of doing a new folio within 24hours on the week-end.
Mission succeed 😎
Hosted my first Protopie Workshop for Clint agency!
Hosted a workshop to onboard Clint agency's design team on Protopie, a high fidelity prototyping tool.
Are you a PM and interested in sustainable design?
Me and my friends are working on a new project on sustainable design for tech SaaS in a product environnement, we are looking for people to interview! Are you available?