Creating a website for Kilometre25

In 2021, The Kilometre25 team reached to me and my friend @Marin d'Assignies in order to get a website delivered quickly for the upcoming first opening of this new parisian night club.
They also had a quiet tight budget, that is why Marin and I thought of using a no-code tool such as Webflow in order to respect both cost and time constraints.

Webflow also has a built-in CMS which is something really usefull for Kilometre25's team so they can edit content without having to understand too much of the Webflow site editor.


Freelance Web Designer & No-code developer


Marin d'Assignies, No-code expert & developer



Frame the project using wireframes and users flows (the client wasn't sure what they wanted other than some main features)


Create Art Direction & concepts for the website using their brand guidelines and Techno music codes


Integrate the main pages on Webflow using templates and components to help them create future pages to come


Work on animation and hover states directly on Webflow in order to create a more immersive experience


Educate their team to the use of Webflow's CMS in order for them to add their content without breaking the site's structure


Cross Health data with qualitative inputs from the users to get more precise analysis

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