Support a growing design team and improve processes

When I joined Withings in 2021, the Design Team had recently undergone significant changes. We transitioned from using Sketch & Zeplin to adopting Figma, and our team size expanded from 2 Designers to 7, including both Designers and Researchers. This growth enabled different team members to focus on consumer products, B2B solutions, native apps and web apps.

Consequently, our operational processes demanded an overhaul.


Product Designer


Design, PMs Apps, Marketing, Web and Mobile development teams.



Improve our communication with developers, PMS, marketing and stakeholders.


Help designers define a clear process on how and where to explore, ship, iterate and present to executives or other teams


Allow Designers to create easily different scopes for features and create long term vision


Create a safe space for Designers to explore ideas without having to worry to see it in production

Creating a new Figma file system

Extract from a Product Design Workshop to define our needs and priorities



Research and benchmark, interview product designers from others companies


Explore different solutions with mindmapping tools


Debate and iterate with Design team to match our needs but also our capabilities


Start implementing the new system, advocate for it, document it


Present the new system and dedicated spaces to other teams.


Cross Health data with qualitative inputs from the users to get more precise analysis

Extracts from the File System presentation PDF


A simplified and adapted version of the Spotify was implemented. We are a small team moving very fast but it helped us a lot moving onto our brand transition (article coming soon) and splitting into Impact Teams/Squads which we used not to do.

The system in short terms:

  • A system we can keep up to date without a full time OPS Designer

  • A system allowing Designers to share easily their design when they want to who they want depending on the state of the project

  • A system that simplify working on different digital products at the same time (native app, web apps, internal tools etc.)

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